South Korea Scholarships

Fully Funded Scholarships in Korea for Indian Students


In an era of international collaboration, South Korea has emerged as a beacon of academic excellence, inviting Indian students to explore fully funded scholarships for master’s and doctoral degrees. These scholarships not only alleviate financial barriers but also provide a gateway for Indian students to immerse themselves in Korea’s vibrant academic and cultural landscape.

Korean Fully Funded Scholarship to Study Master’s

For Indian students with aspirations of pursuing master’s degrees, the Korean Fully Funded Scholarship opens doors to world-class education. Covering tuition fees, living expenses, and round-trip airfare, this scholarship encourages cultural exchange and academic pursuit on a global scale.

Korean Government Scholarship Program (KGSP)

Administered by the National Institute for International Education under the Korean Ministry of Education, the KGSP is a prestigious program welcoming Indian students. With comprehensive financial support, including tuition, airfare, monthly stipends, and medical insurance, it caters to the academic ambitions of both master’s and doctoral candidates.

Sogang University Global Scholarship

Sogang University extends a warm welcome to Indian students through the Global Scholarship, specifically designed for outstanding individuals pursuing graduate studies. This scholarship covers tuition expenses and provides a monthly stipend, enabling Indian students to focus on their academic endeavors.

Yonsei University Graduate Scholarship

Renowned Yonsei University offers various scholarships to Indian students pursuing graduate studies. These scholarships may encompass tuition waivers, living stipends, and research grants, creating an environment conducive to academic excellence.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Scholarship

Indian students passionate about science and technology can explore fully funded scholarships offered by KAIST. Encompassing full tuition coverage, monthly stipends, and additional support for research activities, these scholarships facilitate engagement in cutting-edge research.

Pusan National University (PNU) Scholarship

Actively seeking Indian talent, Pusan National University offers scholarships covering tuition and living expenses. With diverse programs, PNU fosters a vibrant international community, providing Indian students with a rich academic experience.

Konkuk University Scholarship

Indian students aspiring to experience Seoul’s dynamic academic environment can benefit from Konkuk University’s fully funded scholarships. Covering tuition fees, and living expenses, and potentially providing opportunities for research engagement, these scholarships ensure a holistic academic experience.

Chung-Ang University Scholarship

Chung-Ang University opens its doors to Indian students with scholarships tailored to academic needs. These scholarships may include tuition coverage, accommodation support, and other essential expenses, making quality education accessible to Indian students.


Fully funded scholarships in Korea for Indian students not only ease financial burdens but also pave the way for cultural exchange and academic collaboration. As Indian students embark on this journey, they contribute to a global narrative shaped by diverse perspectives and shared knowledge, fostering a future rooted in international understanding and collaboration.

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