Canada is one of the best places to study for international students, and one of the best places to settle for a longer period or even permanently. This article highlights the great reasons to study in Canada. However, there are many other reasons why international students come to study in Canada.

500,000 International Students Come to Study in Canada

500,000 international students enter Canada each year to join studies at all levels. These students study at district schools, community colleges, and universities. And some join even short course. Canada is one of the most attractive destinations for international students due many reasons we mention below.

Entring into Canada means you landed in the land of opportunities related to employment, business, and further education.

World’s Top Education Standards

Let it be school, college, or university qualification, Canadian educational qualifications are recognised all over the world, so you can study further anywhere in the world.

The reason for such a high standard and recognition behind Canadian education is the rigorous quality assurance practised across all the educational institutions.

Study in Canda Options

Internation students can get access to all levels of education in Canada. For your reference we mention the following links to get information for each of these levels:

  1. Elementary school to Study in Canada. The elementary schools offer education from Kindergarten to Grade 8. The student can join the study in Canada at any of these levels. The elementary schools set the foundation for secondary and high school study through action-based learning. These schools also set the foundation for students’ future in extracurricular and sports activities.
  2. Secondary/High schools to Study in Canada. The secondary or high schools are equivalent to Grade 10 or O Levels, and Grade 12 or A levels respectively. These schools provide opportunities to learn and develop skills for the future. These schools strengthen students in their subject learning, sports, and extracurricular career. Many students graduate from these schools and start working full-time, or even become entrepreneurs.
  3. Language schools. English and French are the two official languages of Canada. And Canada has one of the best language schools in the world to study languages in Canada. Languages school help a student attaining to an acceptable level of English or Language learning which is required to get admission in undergraduate or postgraduate programmes.
  4. Community Colleges and vocational schools to study in Canada. The community colleges and vocational schools focus on such courses that are useful to find entry jobs in different industries after you study in Canada. Studying at a community college grooms a student for full-time employment in designated roles. The colleges are much more affordable than studying at a full-fledged university. The other advantage of these colleges is to study in the centre of a city where it’s also easy to find part-time employment.
  5. Universities to study in Canada. Canadian universities are highly reputed for their research focus. And many world’s top universities are in Canada. Canadian universities groom students in such a way that they can fit into different roles in the industry. In addition, the teaching and learning at the university are much more research-oriented than at a community college. The student also enjoys large campuses equipped with large-size facilities for study, sports, and extracurricular activities.
  6. Graduate studies in Canada. The graduate studies are about Master’s certificate, diploma, degree, MPhil, and PhD. Canadian universities offer generous scholarships for research degrees. Students prefer to study for certificates and diplomas at community colleges due to their low cost, small class sizes, and populated locations. Those who wish to study full master’s degree like MS, MSc, MBA, MPhil, or PhD, then they prefer to study at a university because of research resources, facilities, and funding opportunities.
  7. Professional certification to study in Canada. Beyond conventional education, Canada has many institutions that offer professional certifications for particular designations in different industries. These certification training are generally short-term such as 3-6 months
  8. Exchange programs when studying in Canada. Canadian schools, colleges, and universities also let international students join exchange programs where international students come and live in Canada for a short period. They experience teaching and learning, extracurriculars, sports, and even leisure activities.
  9. Online and distance learning. Many Canadian educational institutions offer education through distance learning means. Some students join these programmes for a while and come to Canada to complete the rest

Stories of International Students Study in Canada

Enjoy listening to these interesting stories of International students who came to Canada

Affordable Fees

When you compare studying in Canada cost with other destinations like the US, the UK, Australia, or New Zealand, the Canadian tuition and other fees are much more affordable. You can join a college for as low as 12,000 CAD per year.

Low Cost Of Living

The Cost of Living in Canada is really lower than in many developed countries. The international student chooses to live in towns around the university to lower the cost. They also share accommodation with other students to reduce the major cost of living which is rent.

Get a 3-Yr Work Visa After Study in Canada

One of the greatest opportunities about study in Canada is that you can get a 3-Yr work visa after completing a 2-year course and undergraduate or postgraduate level. In case you study for just a year then you can qualify for a 2-yr post-study work visa.

Migration Opportunities After You Study in Canda

Canada is indeed a land of opportunities and migration to Canada is a dream of billions of people in the world. Having studied in Canada and completing an undergraduate or postgraduate qualification allows a student to be groomed to fit in a related industry in Canada. And in most cases, they can find a relevant job either through campus placement or by applying directly. Once you complete a year in a full-time job, you can find different options to apply for migration to Canada.

The students with a Canadian qualification and with one or two years of job experience in Canada generally get qualified for a permanent residency. So a great percentage of international graduates settle in Canada permanently or for a long period.

Paid Industrial Training For Students

The international student may find a co-op option within their course which can allow them to work in the industry as an intern and are paid at least the minimum wage rate per hour. There might be a co-op for 3 to 6 months in a course. The co-op is a great advantage for students’ future employment as they gain relevant experience and understand the nature of work in the industry. This allows them to find part-time employment in the relevant industry.

Student Jobs While Studying in Canada

Apart from the co-op, the student also works in different industries as a part-time employee. Some even engage in self-employable work like delivery people, pet sitters, or even babysitters.

Many international students try to get certifications for the defined designation jobs in order to get a higher rate when working part-time during, or full-time after studies in Canada.

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