How to Apply for Australia Student Visa (Subclass 500)

The Australia Student Visa brings an excellent opportunity to genuine international students. It lets a student stay in Australia for up to five years. Mature students can also bring in their members to Australia.

How Much Money Should You Have To Live and Study in Australia?

The following formula should work for you:

Total cost = Your Annual Tuition Fees + Annual Living Cost for the student

An average living cost is around AUD$ 21,041, however, it may vary from place to place.

In case you have a dependent, then an average annual living cost for him/her will be AUD$ 7,362.00

How Many Hours Can You Work Part-time?

The international students are allowed to for 20 hours per week. However, you can work more than 40 hours per week if you work in the following sectors:

For more information, you can refer to Temporary relaxation of working hours for student visa holders for more details.

Can You Recover Your Fees and Living Costs by Working Part-Time?

Absolutely not, you can not recover all the study and living expenses. On a normal course, you can recover a part of your living expenses. With the exception, you can recover a substantial part of your expenses, provided you are paid very high.

What are the Visa Requirements?

How to Apply for Student Visa (500 Class)?

Step 1: Have at enough time to get visa decision

You must apply for a visa in well advance from the date of intended travel to Australia. However, it’s suggested to better apply as early as you can.

You must understand the visa processing time mentioned on the Australian Immigration and Citizenship website:

Step 2: Prepare Your Documentation

Scan and prepare files for required documents for your visa, and collect all the documents.

You must provide a comprehensive set of evidence to prove that you fulfil all the visa requirements. Use Document Checklist Tool in order to be fully sure about your file.

Step 3: Obtain Overseas Student Health Cover

You must obtain the health cover Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC)  for the entire period of your study in Australia. In case you have dependents, then you have to buy the health cover for all the dependents.

Step 4: Go Through A Health Eaxmination

Before you apply for a visa, you must go through a health examination that includes a set of medical tests, and observations by a physician authorised by Australian Immigration.

You can check the location for you your the health examination available in your country via the immigration office nearest to you. Look for the “Panel Physician” section.

Step 5: Submit Online Visa Application

Apply your visa online and make sure that you upload the clearly visible document scans.

  1. Create or log in to ImmiAccount and apply
  2. Attach documents
  3. Pay the visa application charge

Step 6: Regularly Check Updates

You should often log on to ImmiAccount to check the new updates on your visa applications. Particularly related to biometrics submission and health exams.

Step 7: Biometrics

You will receive a letter to arrange an appointment to submit your biometrics within 14 days. You shall be provided adequate instructions to book the appointment and the location where you will be going for your biometric submission.

Australian Immigration Contacts in Your Country

You can check contact details on the Australian Immigration Contact Us Page.

Once you select your country, you can see various sections:

  1. Australian Visa Application Centre
  2. Australian Embassy/High Commission/Consulate-General
  3. Panel physician
  4. Police check