It is a truly interdisciplinary course that combines cutting-edge data science and energy system technologies with knowledge of sustainability and strategy management. It will ensure the students graduate with the skills that employers demand for a career in the smart energy sector or computing/IT sector with an emphasis on sustainability.

The MSc in Smart Energy Management is aimed at developing an advanced knowledge of the underlying principles and concepts of smart grids, enabling technologies of smart energy such as the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI), as well as cross-disciplinary issues such as sustainability.

The course will also develop and extend the practical skills that are necessary for the designing, building, and evaluation of smart energy systems such as strategy management and consultancy skills.

Graduates from this programme should be able to undertake both development and management roles. The course recognises the wide variety of potential destinations for students after completion of their course and as such uses compulsory modules to deliver key skills and enable students to obtain the required knowledge.

The course also teaches you the skills needed to become a consultant through dedicated modules where you are taught and assessed through applying your learning to real-world problems. The programme will be delivered in conjunction with the £15M SEND (Smart Energy Network Demonstrator) at Keele University. SEND centres on strong collaborations between Keele, Siemens and local SMEs with the aim to create Europe’s first ‘at scale’ Smart Energy Network Demonstrator on Keele campus – a living laboratory where new smart energy, data analytics, and IoT technologies can be researched, developed and tested.

Students on the course will also have access to information and links to the other sustainability projects taking place on the Keele campus, such as HyDeploy. HyDeploy is a pioneering hydrogen energy project, delivered in conjunction with Cadent, Northern Gas Networks, ITM Power, HSE, and Progressive Energy, designed to help reduce UK CO2 emissions and reach the Government’s net zero target for 2050. As the first ever live demonstration of hydrogen in homes, HyDeploy aims to prove that blending up to 20% volume of hydrogen with natural gas is a safe and greener alternative to the gas we use now.  

In the first part of the programme you will study 8 taught modules over two semesters. In the second part you will have the choice to undertake a formal academic project supervised by academic staff in the School or to take an industry placement. As a result of the link to the SEND programme, there may be a number of paid industrial placement opportunities available to the students on this MSc programme. In both options you will apply the skills you have learned during the taught modules.

Teaching Facilities

You will be taught in dedicated teaching and laboratory space equipped with cutting edge computer systems. We also have a MakerSpace, a multi-purpose research lab equipped with a variety of robots and a Vicon motion-tracking system, a Gaming Lab and a perception lab with state-of-the-art virtual reality equipment. You will have the opportunity to access data and systems from the Smart Energy Network Demonstrator (SEND) and to visit the Horwood Energy Centre on the Keele campus, the control room for SEND.

DURATION: 1-year full-time

SUBJECT AREAS: Computer Science, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Science

FEES (2021/22 ACADEMIC YEAR): £16,500

SCHOLARSHIPS: £1,000 to £10,000