This course will expose you to advanced topics in the study of cognition and behaviour including attention, perception, memory, decision-making, and emotion. Furthermore, the course will explore how these cognitive processes link to brain mechanisms by exploring neuroscience approaches and methods. In addition to developing general advanced research design and statistics skills, students will receive advanced training in specialist cognitive neuroscience methods such as EEG, eye-tracking, and brain stimulation with  data collection and analysis practicals using our specialist facilities. 

The programme involves staff from both Psychology and Life Science (neuroscience), to cover a wide range of topics and approaches. Working closely with our expert staff during your dissertation and research apprenticeship projects, you will be directly involved with cutting-edge research that is geared towards your interests and personal skills development.

Key Features

Overall Aims

DURATION: 1-year full-time

SUBJECT AREAS: Health and Rehabilitation, Life Sciences, Natural Sciences, Science

FEES (2021/22 ACADEMIC YEAR): £16,500

SCHOLARSHIPS: £1,000 to £10,000