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  1. Identify achievable scholarships for you to study abroad
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  4. Understand visa, migration, and financing aspects

Meet Our Career Coach: Mr Javed Ahsan

He brings in his 27-year experience earned through the diverse roles he played in different industries ranging: from university lecturer, education manager, software engineer, project manager, entrepreneur and founder in IT, E-Commerce, and Education industries.
Mr Ahsan is the former Programme Director for Keele University, UK’s MSc programmes taught at its international campus abroad.

For twelve years, he has engaged as a lecturer teaching for BSc and MSc programmes related to Information Systems, Software Engineering, and Project Management. During this period, he taught at the international campuses of Keele University, UK, Westminster University, UK, Staffordshire University, UK, and University of Southern Queensland, Australia.

He worked as an onsite Team Leader for MindFirst Inc Canada where he was part of designing Canada’s first investor gateway.

He served as E-Commerce Project Manager at ION IT Ltd in the UK, serving large-size clients like Xerox, Reuters, and TrendMicro.

He has 10 years of experience as an entrepreneur with three successful ventures: a software development outsourcing centre, an E-Commerce business, and an IT consultancy.

Now he aims for transformational change in young aspirants through education, training, and active engagement in developing products and services.

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