LLM in International Law


International law is an increasingly important field of study and practice. Never before has international law taken such a central position in public debates. The regulation of financial markets, environmental protection, the management of migrations or the prosecution of war criminals are all areas in which international law plays a central role.

International law does not only affect the behaviour of states and intergovernmental institutions; neither is it a discipline of diplomats, academics and philosophers. International law today dominates the activity of transnational corporations, NGOs and inpiduals, from footballers to victims of human rights violations. As a result, governments, international institutions, NGOs, businesses and law firms are increasingly looking for inpiduals capable of dealing with complex issues of transnational law.

This LLM is designed for those who seek to develop recognised expertise in the main areas of international law. As well as providing knowledge of international law’s fundamental rules, theories and institutions, the LLM offers an opportunity to acquire advanced knowledge in specialised subjects and to critically engage with a range of contemporary themes and controversial areas, including peace and security, environmental protection, human rights or trade and investment.

Key Features

  • Flexibility: you can tailor your degree according to your needs and preferences. Depending on your choice of elective modules, you can graduate with any one of the following degrees: LLM in International Law; LLM in International Law and Politics; LLM in International Law and Human Rights; LLM in International Law and the environment; LLM in International Law and Business.
  • Interdisciplinarity: you can choose from a wide range of electives offered not only within the Law School but also within the School of Politics, International Relations and Philosophy (SPIRE) and the Keele Business School (KBS).
  • Skills: you can study modern languages – including key UN languages – as part of your degree. Keele currently offers courses in Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish.
  • Professional opportunities: you have the possibility to do work placements as part of your degree, with any one of our partner institutions (UN agencies, international tribunals, non-governmental organisations, law firms, etc. – places are limited).

DURATION: 1-year full-time


FEES (2021/22 ACADEMIC YEAR): £16,000

SCHOLARSHIPS: £1,000 to £10,000