Keele School of Life Sciences

Keele School of Life Sciences

Life Sciences covers many areas of science which have an impact on our everyday lives. You will focus in particular on human, animal and plant life and may choose to study areas from essential biochemistry, health and disease, cognition, biodiversity, evolution or our impact on the world around us.

Research Excellence

The majority of research within the Centre for Life Sciences reflects broad strength in biomedical science and there are strong links with the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. These relationships provide opportunities to interact with clinicians and translational research at the University Hospitals of North Midlands (UHNM).

Research Themes

  • Molecular biology and ecology of parasites and vectors in tropical diseases
  • Sustainability in crops and control of crop pests
  • Gycobiology and immunology
  • Structural biology
  • Molecular cell biology of apoptosis and its dysregulation
  • Cancer
  • Autoimmune disease
  • X-ray crystallography
  • Neurobiology and neuroplasticity
  • Neurodegeneration and regeneration
  • Auditory neuroscience and deafness

Postgraduate Courses

Undergraduate Courses

The Keele Biology courses are accredited by Royal Society of Biology.

  • Biochemistry – BSc (Hons)
  • Biochemistry with Integrated Masters – MSci
  • Biochemistry Combined – BSc (Hons)
  • Biology – BSc (Hons)
  • Biology Combined – BSc (Hons)
  • Biomedical Science – BSc (Hons)
  • Neuroscience – BSc (Hons)
  • Neuroscience Combined – BSc (Hons)