Keele School of Social, Political, and Global Studies


We are a new multi-disciplinary school, which brings together academics in Criminology, Education, International Relations, Philosophy, Politics and Sociology to deliver single and combined honours degree courses, pioneering taught postgraduate programmes and postgraduate supervision with world leading researchers. Our research is internationally respected for its theoretical innovations and its relevance to applications in the real world.



  • Education Single Honours – BA
  • Education and Astrophysics – BA
  • Education and Biology – BA
  • Education and English Literature – BA
  • Education and History – BA
  • Education and Human Biology – BA
  • Education and Mathematics – BA
  • Education and Philosophy – BA
  • Education and Physics – BA
  • Education and Psychology – BA
  • Education and Sociology – BA

Research Clusters

Our current research is largely, though not exclusively, based on the following research clusters of staff and students:

  • Centre for Research on Environmental Action and Thought (CREATe)
  • Centre for Comparative Politics and Policy
  • Centre for Global Studies
  • Children, Family, and Society
  • Criminal, Social Justice, and Policing
  • Communities, Identities, and Mobilities
  • Centre for Political Theory and Political Philosophy
  • Forum for Philosophical Research
  • Keele-Oxford-St Andrews Kantian Research Centre (KOSAK)