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New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA)
NZEA scholarships are offered by Education New Zealand to high-achieving Indian students. These awards are available for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in New Zealand's universities and institutions. They cover partial tuition fees.
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New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships
Administered by the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, these scholarships are available for Indian students pursuing postgraduate studies in New Zealand. They include tuition fees, living allowance, travel, and establishment allowance.
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New Zealand-India Sports Scholarships
These scholarships are designed for Indian students who excel in sports and wish to study in New Zealand. They support both undergraduate and postgraduate studies, covering tuition fees and other related expenses.
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New Zealand Scholarships for Development
Funded by the New Zealand government, these scholarships are for students from developing countries, including India, who want to pursue postgraduate studies in subjects that will contribute to the development of their home country. They cover tuition fees, living costs, and other allowances.
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University-specific Scholarships
Many New Zealand universities offer their own scholarships for international students, including those from India. These scholarships may vary in terms of eligibility criteria, benefits, and application processes. Students should check with the specific university they are interested in for details on available scholarships.
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Research Scholarships
Indian students interested in pursuing research or doctoral studies in New Zealand may also find various research scholarships and funding opportunities offered by New Zealand universities and research institutions.
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Kasuni Anjana
Kasuni Anjana
Read More
Hi, I would like to make this an opportunity to thank and pay my utmost gratitude towards Mr. Javed from Gobliss Asia who was there with me for this entire 2 - 3 months throughout the entire university and visa application processes. Now my student visa has been approved and I'm looking forward to starting my intake at Liverpool John Moores University, UK 🎉 Two months ago, I looked like a frustrated and hopes broken girl because of my study gap. Even though I had reached out to many reputed agencies in Sri Lanka I couldn't get any support that I'm satisfied with, because all of them were taking ages to respond converting me into a stressful person. But eventually, while I was browsing, I accidentally found the contact number of Gobliss Asia and passed on my concerns and necessities to Mr. Javed. Since then, Mr. Javed was with me and clarified each doubt I had by responding in a timely manner which I admire the most. That is one of the qualities that I didn't experience from other agents that I had reached out to earlier. Mr.Javed arranged strong paperwork for my visa too and completed everything on my behalf of me. I just had to make the payments and sit aside while he was finalizing my application. Another quality I saw from him was, arranging everything so that there is a minimum or zero risk which is very important. These words can't show how I'm grateful to Mr. Javed for everything he has done for me. Ultimately for whoever reading this review, what I'm telling is, this is the best out of all the agencies in Sri Lanka. No doubt, Mr. Javed is the exact point of contact and he will make your dream come true, for sure. Good Luck !
Ethan D Alwis
Ethan D Alwis
Read More
I would highly recommend this place, if there were 10 stars I will give it a 10/10 stars. Mr.Javed is the main purpose for my success, he is a very kind hearted and a friendly person who understands people. He never says can't for anything and he motivated me in many scenarios. He also guided me to write the SOP and edited the mistakes I made and thought me the mistakes I made. He does everything genuinely. He got me the UK visa for a international foundation year course but my previous agents told that it was impossible, this man is talented and he did something that other agencies couldn't do!!💥. He sends students for various universities. He will guide you until you get the visa and there after💪🏻.Thank You Soo much for getting the visa Mr. Javed Ahsan!!❤️💪🏻
Sanjeewa B
Sanjeewa B
Read More
To handle my son’s foreign Uni placement I contacted a few agents and partially worked with them. Came across Mr Javed through one of the websites and as for other agents I entrusted the task. For some my sons case looked difficult and they dropped off as it would mean economic sense to take only the easy cases as success would be gurenteed. This is where Mr Javed was different. He never took no for an answer. He likes to take a challenge as he’s confident of what an be done. He understood the anxiety of a parent and displaying very rare human qualities he was right behind us to get a placement and to complete the visa process. He was dedicated and patient. I could see the immense experience he has in this field and applying such experience and his good qualities to achieve success. I am sure for him it’s not the money but the satisfaction of helping another human being in need is the driving factor. So much can be written about our experience with him. We were so fortunate to come across him. I have no hesitation in giving my highest recommendation for him. We wish him all success. No doubt he’s the best.